Skid Row Productions is a record label that focuses on what is important; investing in the music and talented artists that create it. We believe in creating a collaborative and innovative environment where our artist can thrive and reach their maximum potential in a stress free atmosphere. 

Our Vision is defined by creating a sustainable environment that eliminates poverty for  Musicians, Filmmakers, Poets, Dancers and Visual Artists through interpersonal collaborative efforts with similarly minded people. 

The “Sound of Poverty” movement evolved through a collaborative decision among artists and administrators that  had a vision to create an organization that encourages creativity, community, and an environment where artists can work on their craft freely and still grow to become financially emancipated.

Skid Row Productions is first and foremost an initiative of good-will. We  maintain  uncompromising core values of focusing on providing the resources and services needed so our artists can focus on their art. 

We are  a foundation to help impoverished artist worldwide to gain benefits that are due them like Union dues and help to the average artist pay the fee so that they can get benefits such as health insurance and rights protection. We aim to use crowdfunding and social media to reach out to new markets and to continue to reinvest  into developing new talent for the love of the music and our ultimate goal of ending poverty for the average artist. 

We take pride in our mantras “The Sound of Poverty” we hope you can join us on our Quest to End Poverty.     

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