Steps To A Dream

         What is the dream of Skid Row Productions exactly. It is the mission and goal of Skid Row Productions founders to create the Skid Row Foundation. The main purpose of Skid Row Foundation is to help artist of all types whom are not making enough money to pay the dues for union benefits, pay the dues and help build a foundation for the average artist.  In the county of Los Angeles the cost for a new member to join the Local Music Union is more than $300 dollars. The average independent artist would have to received one hundred thousand streams at 100 percent royalty to pay the fee just to join the Local Music Union. I am not critical of the Union I am only stating that streams don't pay union dues in general. The average independent artist does not get the number of streams to pay for one year of union membership. Why is union membership important ? Union membership is important because the benefits that the union avails its members are most needed by the average artist. The people who sell out shows and perform as part of a major corporation are essentially the only full time artist that can afford union membership dues from their art exclusively.  Foundations?  The idea to build the Skid Row Foundation came from my friend Robert Johnson whom I met while we were both experiencing difficulties in our work lives and personal lives. While both my friend and I were not working at the time , Robert exclaimed to me how glad he was that the union had provided him with some basic insurances that were critical at that particular juncture . I remember asking some of my own representatives about benefits from the union and was told that I would have had to kept up on my dues. This was a difficult situation since the same dues that they needed were out of my price range and I would have to choose between basics like rent and food and catching up on union dues. I realized ath that point that though inconvenient the union dues would have provided me with a stronger foundation for which to build my future as well as shortened the amount of time it took me to put out new material. Here is a link to Los Angeles Local 47 : tml

     Benefits from unions and other organizations help to build more secure futures for families and individuals . Benefits like  advertising "   Members of AFM Local 47 are high-level studio musicians, signed to major and indie labels, work on major motion pictures and television, tour throughout the world, and are members of premiere orchestras and symphonies including the LA Philharmonic, LA Opera, Pasadena Symphony, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and more. Members are arrangers, composers, producers, contractors, engineers, and freelance musicians, regarded as some of the best in the world."    Health Benefits acupuncture The H&W Trust provides medical, dental, vision, chiropractic, , prescription drugs and life insurance to musicians who qualify for benefits based upon contributions received on their behalf in accordance with AFM Local 47 and American Federation of Musicians contracts and collective bargaining agreements. 


 Options Self-Pay Medical Plan Option: Effective October 1, 2008, members have the opportunity to enroll in the Kaiser Medical Insurance Program sponsored and administered by the United Industrial Service Workers Trust Fund (the "UISW Fund"). The Rules Governing Local 47 Member Participation in the UISW Trust Fund, and the Kaiser Health Plan Packet, may be accessed in the Members-Only Section. 

Flex Plan for MP/TV Film: Entertainment Industry Flex Plan - an employee benefit plan which combines both Employer Contributions and Employee Contributions to fund a full array of benefits for union members working in Motion Picture & Television.  ANy Hoo this get boring but is important not just for music makers but photographers and graphic artist alike.

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Today on the Skid Row Gourmet -Garlic Teriyaki Salmon with Super-food Salad and Bean Salad  

Today will be my first attempt at posting a blog. I am a horrible speller and lack grammatical proficiency. But here goes!   The Skid Row Gourmet or How to live good on the cheap" is a blog about everything from news events to political discussion and we always aim to cook fresh food. The Skid Row Gourmet shows you how to make some of your favorite foods out of inexpensive and often times free food. Every week we go to food banks in the local community and the local dollar store we then use the ingredients to make delicious mouth watering food. 


     Todays Recipe and our first will be a four course dinner made with ingredients gathered at local food banks,farmers markets'dollar stores and grocery store clearance isles. I want to note that there are basic items that one should aim to keep in the kitchen for making various foods. That list an entire different blog which I will get to later.

 Menu                                         Ingredients 

Garlic Teriyaki - Salmon - Ingredients Salmon' Garlic'Teriyaki Marinade'Black Pepper'Olive oil

Kale Super- Food Salad -Ingredients Kale Walnuts Blueberries Black Berries Dried Cranberries and Raisins Sunflower Seeds Carrots

Kale With Smoked Turkey Ingredients Kale Smoked Turkey Wings or not if vegan Minced garlic Onions Parsley mushrooms

Bean Salad- 2 Cans Whole  Beans of your choice (make sure to rinse especially if if brine) Mushrooms  Canned Green Beans  Onions Celery Olives Parsley

Berry Vinaigrette - Blueberries Black Berries Apple Cider Vinegar Olive Oil Salt Sugar Pepper Spices And fresh Herbs blended to taste 

Bean Salad Dressing - Vinegar Sugar Salt Oil Pepper Oregano Dried and other italian spices 

Menu                                   Instructions

Garlic Teriyaki Salmon

1.Marinate salmon In teriyaki and minced garlic for 30 minutes 

2.Drizzle Olive oil on Baking Sheet Place marinated Salmon on the Baking Sheet  Bake in Oven @ 450 Degrees Skin Side down for 12 to 15 minutes

Kale Super-Food  Salad

1. Chop Kale to edible sizes 

2. Add Berries 

3. Add Berry Vinaigrette toss Kale in Vinaigrette  

4. Refrigerate for one hour 

5. On Serving Add Walnuts cranberries raisins almonds etc 

Kale W/ Smoked Turkey and Mushrooms

1. Place smoked Turkey In Pot Of Water Bring To A Boil

2. Chop Kale to edible size 

3. When Water is Boiling cover turkey with Kale mushrooms onions minced garlic and herbs 

4. Bring heat to lowest and cook Kale to desired tenderness slowly

Bean Salad 

1. Add Garbanzo Green Beans Celery Parsley Salt Pepper Red Kidney Beans Onion Olives together  ( Rinse canned beans twice remove salt)

2. Add Dressing and let marinate for at least 1 hour mix it every 15 minutes to move flavor try and use a flat dish to marinate these beans. 


1. Berry Vinaigrette - Mix ingredients to taste pour over kale to soften the kale 

2. Bean Salad Dressing - Mix ingredients to taste pour over beans and marinate an hour or even overnight.


     Well that,s it my first attempt at blogging 





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